• If for any reason, there is an issue with your hired item and/or you are not satisfied with the item you have hired, you must notify us via email immediately.


  • We must agree in writing that we accept the return request.


  • Returns will not be accepted unless the item is express posted back to us on the same day it is received by the customer.


  • The Customer must do so via an Australian Post Office and obtain a receipt of lodgment as evidence. A photo of the receipt must be emailed to us.


  • If for any reason, it is not possible for the Customer to express post the item back on the same day it is received, it must be express posted before 4.00pm on the next day.


  • In this scenario, the customer will be refunded 70% of the hire fee excluding the shipping costs. If the next day falls on a weekend, the customer must supply video footage of the return package, with the tracking number clearly visible, being placed into an express post box. The video footage is to be supplied to us via email.


  • Any returns outside of these circumstances will not be accepted, including where a Customer claims to not have received the item/s in their possession until a later date/time regardless of the situational conditions.


Sydney Handbag Hire